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The summer months have flown by and the end of July is fast approaching. The NAHBS team is continuing to prepare for a memorable weekend in Sacramento, CA and is 100% focused on creating an exciting, impactful, and well-attended event in February 2016. We hope you will be joining us for what we think will be the most successful show yet!

Featured in our latest newsletter are three new exhibitor spotlights and our very first Q&A with NAHBS 2015 People’s Choice award winner Casey Sussman of Mars Cycles.

Read on, get ready for the show, and go ride your bike!


Check out the following briefs on some of our exhibitors who are already registered for the show. We’re hoping this information will give you some ideas for what you might like to cover around the 2016 show. We’ll have more detailed information headed your way as the show gets closer, so stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.52.07 PM Brooke Stehley, Rolf Prima

At Rolf Prima we pride ourselves in how we hand-build every wheel in Eugene, Oregon, USA.  Each wheel starts with a carefully engineered design, the best materials and custom spec parts.  Every model is tested and tested again to ensure lasting durability, best in aerodynamics, weight, performance and overall ride quality windows update manuell downloaden win 7.  More than just wheel manufacturers, we are all cyclists – this means we build the best wheels in the business because we’re doing what we love – both in the shop and on the road or trail!

What makes Rolf Prima unique?

  • We brought our alloy rim manufacturing back to the states and in-house starting in 2013. We are one of only two companies that manufacture their own alloy rims in the USA.  
  • Everything from start to finish is done by hand (even our in-house decals are manufactured in the same building and by hand).
  • Our wheels can be found worldwide, used by athletes competing at the pro level on the road, mountain, track, triathlon and more.
  • We can offer you more! We have been exploring more and more on the custom side – dream it up, let’s see about building it for you.

~Courtesy of Brooke Stehley

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.51.24 PM Dawn Thomas, Pineapple Trikes

Dawn Thomas and Robert Van De Walle are co-owners of Santa Rosa, CA’s Pineapple Trikes traktor spiel kostenlos downloaden. They built a paddlewheel boat from a victorian couch and discovered the joy of side-by side pedaling. Joy became passion as they turned to building sociable tandem trikes to both compete in Arcata’s Kinetic Grand Championship race and pedal to the local produce stand. Everywhere they ride, people want a turn riding these trikes.

Pineapple Trikes are built for comfort and with style. Each rider pedals at their own cadence. With 48 spoke, double walled aluminum rim wheels and a stout 2″ tube steel frame the trike can carry more than 750 pounds of people and cargo. The cargo area is customizable, with some options being a flat loading plate, a bench seat, a cargo net, or even a pour-over coffee bar. The roof rack is also a sun shade and can carry up to 40 pounds of light, bulky gear. The Cargo Cruiser is geared low enough to comfortably climb hills even when fully loaded. The seats adjust to accommodate riders from 4’8″ to 6’2″ and of course it comes with cup holders.

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Pineapple Trikes are currently building demand for sociable tandems by attending plenty of silly events with the Trikes, and making sure that everyone is having fun along the way!

Please visit our Facebook page bibi und tina hörbücher kostenlosen!  

Watch one of our favorite YouTube videos!  

~Courtesy of Dawn Thomas

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.47.16 PM Joni Taylor, TEXmarket USA  

TEXmarket was founded in Bolzano, Italy in 1987. Our founders were active cyclists and runners in Italy who explored the manufacturing of sportswear, specifically cycling, running and triathlon, and even more specifically, private label and custom (sublimation in both digital and traditional). We have built a manufacturing process from the ground up, meaning that we mill our Italian fabrics in house and produce our own chamois, as well as work with other leading Italian fabric and chamois manufacturers. From re-purposing equipment ourselves and building a process which can accommodate brands, both large and small, we are a build to order production process which can accommodate the many requirements of brands/Teams/Stores. We are a builder of brands based on spec’s provided to us by our customers – so a very unique clothing company.  If you ride, run or participate in cycling, running and/or triathlon, it is very likely you are wearing (or have worn) our product, albeit rebranded by another name—perhaps the biggest company you have never heard of, but with small craftsman characteristics download images from iphone to computer.

I have been with the company since 2011 as their National Sales Manager/General Manager. My foray into the Handmade Show probably began with the stable of custom bikes I have collected over the years, including a working stint for Seven Cycles in Watertown, MA.  Now I am able to offer unbranded logo free high end cycling wear to the folks in the industry who build bikes, as well as grassroots Teams and Elite/Pro Teams and Stores. No need to share ‘real estate’ on your apparel with us…It is all about you, your brand or the customer, and we, as a company are just tasked to deliver a very high end, European product made especially for the customer. All build to order, one jersey at a time.

~Courtesy of Joni Taylor


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Casey Sussman, Mars CyclesPeople’s Choice Award Winner

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your business.

I am Casey Sussman, owner, builder, and shop sweeper of Mars Cycles. I build custom steel bicycles using primarily fillet brazed construction. I started my business in Oakland, CA in 2014 and have since moved shop to Moss Beach, CA to be closer to home.

How long have you been building bikes/frames minigolf downloaden? How did you get your start in the industry?

I have been building frames professionally for close to 2 years. For over ten years, before moving to CA and starting Mars Cycles, I worked as a bike mechanic at high end shops in Brooklyn, NY. After the move west, I took a 3 day lugged framebuilding class and was hooked. In the summer of 2013, I went on to study with the fillet brazing experts at The Bicycle Academy in Frome, England. To date, I am the Academy’s only American student.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.43.33 PM

When you are not building bikes, what are you doing?

I have a 4-year-old son named Marsden (who Mars Cycles is named after). My wife works 4 days a week and we pass him back and forth with limited outside care. I am super lucky that I get to make bikes half the week and read stories, play blocks, and vroom cars the other half.

How long have you been attending NAHBS? Do you plan to attend/exhibit at NAHBS 2016?

I attended as a spectator in Charlotte. I showed last year in Louisville as a New Builder website completely firefox. I came home with the People’s Choice Award!

Are you planning to participate in the awards this year? If so, would you like to share a little about the bike/frame you plan to present? Any specific division/or award you have your sights on?  

While I do plan to participate in the awards, I have no idea what for yet.

Can you comment on the creativity, talent, and artisanal nature of the builders and bikes at NAHBS 2015? Do you expect to see even more ingenuity, skill, and craft this February?

What can I say? This is THE handbuilt bike show. It is packed with Industry veterans at the height of their craft along with skilled, eager new builders. It takes a lot to show at NAHBS. The work is always top notch.

NAHBS is more than just a bike show. It is a gathering, the largest and most widely accessible destination, for frame builders to share their passion with cycling enthusiasts and supporters. In your opinion, what is it about NAHBS that truly sets it apart from other bicycle shows?

You never know who you are talking to. The attendees are very knowledgeable and love talking details kostenlose ballerspiele zumen. Many attendees are framebuilders themselves. It is always amazing to pick the brains of my peers.

What about NAHBS 2015 did you enjoy the most? What are you looking forward to in Sacramento at NAHBS 2016?

I really worked hard on my show bike last year. I spent countless hours on it, shedding literal blood sweat and tears on that bike. The thrill of getting to show it off to my peers and fellow bike enthusiasts was amazing. The overwhelming positive response overtook the insecurities I had in the building process. I tried to push myself and do things I had not done before. Now on to the 2016 show where I get to try new things again and show off what I have been practicing. For this year, I aim to spotlight Mars Cycle’s variance by showing a range of different styles of bikes.

What is it about Mars Cycles that makes it unique?

I do pretty much everything by hand. All tube mitering is done with a hacksaw and file. Every bike is custom, one by one with my 2 hands windows publisher kostenlos downloaden. No mill, no tig welding. I’m really pouring my heart into every bike by way of 60 grit. I design modern bikes with a whole lot of me in them.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.42.54 PM

The People’s Choice Award seems like a fun one – what was going through your mind when you received the award?  

Well, funny story; the person that came to get me to receive my award said “grab your stuff, come with us.” I thought I did something wrong. I freaked. I asked what I did and was then told that I had won a trophy. I was shocked, relieved, overwhelmed, nervous, excited, but most of all, proud. My first year of framebuilding was mentally taxing, right at that moment it all felt worth it.


We are pleased to announce the 2016 NAHBS will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California. The Sacramento Convention Center is located across the street from the State Capitol and just 15 minutes from the the Sacramento International Airport.  


There is no shortage of things to do in Sacramento live tv für android kostenlos herunterladen. With more than 230 days of sunshine annually, Sacramento is the perfect place to explore the outdoors, soak up the California sun, go wine tasting, or attend sporting events. But the things to do here aren’t limited to the outdoors. World-class museums, performing arts groups, and other family fun activities make every day unique in California’s capital.


The Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, a contemporary hotel in the heart of California’s capital city, welcomes NAHBS to Sacramento February 2016! Make sure to reserve a room early on. Group rates will be available until January 22, 2016.




Established in 2005, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is the largest and most widely accessible destination for frame builders to share their passion with cycling enthusiasts and supporters. It aims to be a meeting point – both online and in person- for frame builders and consumers looking for custom-made bikes, for the sharing of ideas, and the promotion of a special industry with a rich history dating back to 1819 anime follow. NAHBS moves from city to city each year. For more information on the 2016 show, please visit


Scott Kaier, SMAK Strategies


We look forward to seeing you in February!


Don Walker

Don Walker,  Founder and President