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Bringheli Frames, Tools and Jigs

Now Offering Frame Building Classes
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Bringheli Tools & Jigs
Frame Jig, Tandem Jig, Fork Brazing Jig, Fork and Frame Alignment Tables, Wheel Lacing Jig, Bottom Bracket Taps and Facer, Drop Out Alignment tool and Headset Press

Dedacciai Tubing
Steel: Zero, Zero Uno, Zero Due, Zero Tre
Aluminum, Titanium, Carbon tubes, Stays, Forks and Frames

Columbus Tubing
Steel, Aluminum and Carbon

Walter Investment Cast
Bottom Bracket Shells, Fork Crown, Lugs, Drop Outs, Braze-ons

Custom Built Steel Frames
Frame repairs, Braze-Ons, and Paint


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TRP Brakes

TRP was founded on the idea of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. TRP Brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and durability achieved through the use of advanced production techniques, accurate processing and meticulous quality control. By using exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber, Titanium and TT6 Aluminum, TRP brakes set a new industry standard for lightweight and precise control. TRP brakes are extensively tested for reliability and safety on and off-road, and in the laboratory – by a company with more than 20 years experience designing and manufacturing bicycle brake systems.

TRP Brakes are available at independent bicycle dealers worldwide and distributed through our network of proven service and warranty centers specific to each country where the brakes are sold.

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Albabici, LLC
Metier Velo

Metier Velo LLC is a small-scale custom bicycle design and fabrication shop in Salt Lake City Utah. Métier Vélo bicycles are built with 3D-printed titanium lugs to join carbon-fiber tubes into light, strong, tough, repairable, and beautiful performance frames.

Metier Velo was founded in 2013.

Horton Collection
The Horton Collection is one of the world’s largest collections of bicycle racing memorabilia. Over the course of twenty-five years Shelly and Brett Horton have amassed an unprecedented collection of more than 15,000 objects including trophies, race worn jerseys, vintage posters, and other ephemera. Additionally, the collection houses more than 350,000 original vintage photographs and negatives spanning the late 1800s through the 1970s. Their passion for the sport and its legacy have led them to the world’s greatest races, and many of the sport’s legends have entrusted their own treasures to the Horton Collection. The Hortons live in San Francisco, California.
At NAHBS, the Horton Collection will be displaying two custom mountain bikes; Brett’s new bike built by the legendary Steve Potts along side his ten year old son Trevor’s very special 24″ wheel titanium mountain bike. The Horton’s will be offering their newest Eddy Merckx limited edition, personally signed lithographs at special NHABS attendee pricing along with a new series of limited edition small prints of some of the iconic images from their personal collection. Finally, Brett & Shelly will be available to sign copies of their latest book Shoulder to Shoulder along with limited available copies of last years best seller Goggles & Dust.
The Horton Collection
Post Office Box 210417
San Francisco, California 94121
email: info@HortonCollection.com
facebook: The Horton Collection
internet: HortonCollection.com
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