Bilenky Cycle Works

Stephen Bilenky began framebuilding in 1983, brazing bikes together in the basement of his repair shop. Today you will find him in his shop in North Philadelphia at the top of a hill on a dead end street, only known to exist by those who have made the trek to come visit and get lost for awhile. His passion for bikes, brazing and beards has never faltered and his determination to bring together his love for cycling and the people behind the bikes led him to organize the first ever annual Philly Bike Expo, bringing together bicycle makers and enthusiasts from around the country dwg bestand downloaden. We also host the world’s only Junkyard Cyclocross, where riders brave a course through our neighboring junkyard – over cars, through toxic puddles and around broken glass transfer carriers.

Bilenky Cycle Works has become a two man bearded operation with Steve on Steel and Thomas Faust working with Titatnium. We have won numerous awards and acclaims, including rave reviews in Bicycling Magazine, Bicycle Guide, Tandem Magazine, Bicycle Quarterly and more herunterladen. We won Best Road Bike (2010), Best Lugged Bike (2011), and Best Lugged Frame (2013) at NAHBS. When allowed, these two brilliant minds have created some of the wildest, more elegant tandems seen tvthek downloaden und speichern.