Demon Frameworks
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Demon Frameworks is the work of one man with a single vision, to make the most beautiful steel frames possible. Taking lugged steel frames to a new level using unique designs and meticulous attention to detail movie maker windows 10 free.

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Award Entries:
H.F.S Hermes (Entry for: Best road bike):
The H.F.S Hermes. The design of the lugs which are made from scratch are inspired by Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. This has been my standard design for a few year but the H.F.S (High Fidelity Steel) treatment takes it to another level. Increasing the tube diameters to make the most of modern steel tubing and modern components. This is very much 21st century bike made in the old traditional way. I'd like to think that if Hermes rode a bike then this would be it. I pride myself on craftsmanship and hence I hand polished the frame to a near mirror finish and then had this frame nickel plated so that none of the details are lost under paint.