HED Cycling Products

Hed Cycling is a manufacturer of premium quality bicycle wheels and components. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Hed prides itself on being privately owned, US-operated, and with most manufacturing and assembling done in their own US factory.

Founded in the mid-1980’s by Steve Hed, the company continues to embody his design philosophy even after his tragic passing in 2014. Known as True Speed, this mantra encapsulates a theme of bringing every rider the best possible, most reliable, fastest, and most well-rounded cycling products. While other component manufacturers might hone in on one or two areas of performance that they deem important, Hed truly takes a “No stone unturned” approach, so riders can achieve their goals – whether that’s the next World Championship title, or simply to ride around town with more confidence and fun.

Steve Hed is credited with bringing aerodynamic disc wheels to the masses in the 1980’s, when the only alternatives were ridiculously heavy or outlandishly expensive. Other key innovations and patents include establishing the “Torroidal” rim shape, aerodynamic recumbent wheels, carbon fiber aerobars, multiple aerodynamic hydration systems, and the ground-breaking C2 and C2 Plus wide rim technologies.

Hed Cycling is a company that values quality and happy customers over unbridled growth or protecting the bottom line. We look forward to the opportunity of you considering Hed for your next cycling purchase.

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