Magic Cycle Werks
Award Entries:
Esker AR (BICI ITALIA Prima) (Entry for: The Artisan Award):
This is a frame made for BICI ITALIA. It is called the BICI ITALIA Prima (first). Bici Italia and MCW are partnering on Custom Bicycles and Custom Bicycle Tours in Italy. This is the personal bike of the owner.
Vanish Road (Entry for: Best lugged frame):
Vanish Road frame/bike
Vanish (Fleur de Lis) (Entry for: Best road bike):
Vanish (Fleur de Lis) lugged road bike
Esker AR (All-Road) – Best theme/Best finish (Entry for: Best Finish):
Lugged Custom Esker AR - BICI ITALIA Prima (first)
Vanish (Fleur de Lis) – Best Road Bike (Entry for: Best Finish):
A fleur de Lis Lugged Road Bike.