Award Entries:
Best Road Bike Entry: Reactor (Entry for: Best road bike):
The Reactor is intended to be the most race-oriented road frame in the No. 22 lineup. With an emphasis on stiffness, responsive handling and light weight, the Reactor is the perfect titanium stage race tool.

When developing the Reactor, we set out to increase the already high levels of drivetrain stiffness offered by our versatile Great Divide road bike. To achieve this, the Reactor is features an oversized down tube and chain stays, both of which are among the largest offered on a titanium frame. The Reactor’s chain stays are a full 25.4mm in diameter, ovalized to 30mm at the bottom bracket for increased stiffness. When coupled with the bike’s oversized head tube and size-specific butting and tubing sizes, the result is a bike that responds crisply and immediately to hard efforts.

Equally important in the development of the Reactor was maintaining the legendary ride quality and character of a great titanium frame. To that end, the Reactor employs a number of features to increase rider comfort over endurance length races. The most striking of these features is the carbon seat mast. Expertly bonded to a set of titanium lugs, the continuous carbon tube running from the Reactor’s bottom bracket to the saddle provides vertical compliance and vibration damping at the saddle. Adding to this compliance are the Reactor’s svelte 13mm seat stays, which help retain the signature smooth ride of titanium.

Like all No. 22 frames, the true beauty of the Reactor lies in its details. The frame’s head tube is a custom tapered titanium component with extensive internal machining. Featuring CNC-machined support for an integrated headset, the head tube enables substantial front end stiffness while saving weight. Forgoing our traditional solid titanium head tube badge, the Reactor head tube features a CNC machined logo to save every available gram.

Topping the frame’s carbon seat mast is our bespoke cast titanium seat mast topper. Weighing just 120g including hardware, the titanium topper is a light and elegant solution to retaining height adjustability on a seat mast equipped frame. For customers concerned about flexibility and resale with a seat mast equipped bike, the Reactor’s seat mast can be cut off entirely to accept a conventional 30.9mm seat post and clamp.

Connecting the Reactor’s massive chain stays and svelte seat stays required a unique set of dropouts. The Reactor uses a hooded style dropout with an extended flange to allow for ample weld surface area at the chain stay. The dropouts are tapered to accept the smaller seat stays, and are further relieved to minimize weight. The result is a stiff and very strong rear triangle, which translates into crisp and responsive ride quality.

The Reactor is available in a stock size range of 50-60cm, with customization available upon request.
Best Track Bike Entry: Silver Wing (Entry for: Best track bike):
There is a raw purity that makes turning the cranks on a track bike unlike any other cycling experience. The mechanics of a bike distilled to its bare essentials. Our Silver Wing frame takes its predecessor, the all titanium Little Wing, to the next level of contemporary track frames into a stunning, addictively fast package.
Power transfer and tuned handling suited for both the boards and the roads were at the top of our priorities when designing the Silver Wing. The frame’s stout stays, custom designed tapered head tube, large diameter, ovalized top and down tubes and integrated seat mast work together to keep all contact points firmly connected and instantly responsive under hard efforts.
The real beauty of the Silver Wing lies in its details. The dropouts, for example, are unique to the Little Wing and each is machined from a single bar of Grade 5 titanium, making them stronger and lighter than typical two-piece welded dropouts. Based on feedback from our racers, these dropouts allow for a full inch of fore/aft adjustment, which allows track racers to more easily change gearing at the track without breaking the chain.
The Little Wing’s seat mast topper is a functional work of art. Made from cast titanium and then precision machined, at 120g including Enve hardware our bespoke topper is a perfect way of capping-off the carbon seat tube that is held to the frame by titanium lugs.