WHBradford designs “Gazos” light touring / gravel bike.:
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Here are some images of our “Gazos” light touring / gravel race bike .

I developed this bike last summer after several circumstances beyond my control keep bring me back to Gazos creek road just outside Santa Cruz CA wie kann man einen podcasten. It seemed like my entire summer revolved around this one road and after each time I really wished I had had a bike like this with me vs my road bike.

This is the perfect bike is light bike packing trips , weekend getaways or just a good bike to have with you when you blow up the transmission on your sports car well out of cell phone range and need to ride back into town for help the Gazos has you covered how to download minecraft pe for free!

Award Entries:
WHbradford Gazos GT3 RS by Rudi Jung at Black Magic paint (Entry for: Best Finish):
Fail safe entry - I have previous entered 2 complete bikes in best mountain bike and if for some reason one of those get's disqualified then this is my official " second entry" .
Under best finish category this will be a frame , Enve fork , stem and a Enve seatpost entry all painted to the theme of a 2016 GT3 RS Porsche in Ultra Violet .
The frame is our Gazos model with a Syantace rear dropout and a rear post mount brake to match the ENVE through axle CX fork just released earlier this year.
The head tube and stem topper are our own design , modeled around the tapered integrated standard all pieces started as a pen sketch then machined by our friend Aaron Huff to our dimensions .
The bike also features a removable front derailed cable stop for 1x compatibility .
Fabrication and brazing by Brad Hodges
Tig welding by Joe Bynoe
Paint by Rudi Jung
Art direction of project and logos Brad Hodges
WHbradford “Longridge” (Entry for: Best mountain bike):
Best Mountain bike is a pretty big title and early on I decided that's what I was going to shoot for being this is my first year at NAHBS.
Sure this bike dosen’t have swoopy tubes or a flashy paint job but that's not what I thought represented the best mountain bike this year.
Over the past 12 months since the last show the industry has seen a few new viable standards come forward like Boost and B+ large volume tire’s along with the growth of the "bike packing " genre and I wanted to build a B+ mountain bike intended for bike packing that would showcase the benefits of each of these new standard’s.
The benefits are shorter chain stays , wider tires , better chainline and the ability to build a Mountain bike that is well , fun again !!
I feel this bike is just what the industry wants but dosen’t know it needs yet , a bike packing bike you can have fun out on the trail on the way to your camp.
The frame features super short 425mm chain stays for easier bunny hopping with over a long or out on a flow trail , radius bent seat tube to keep that big 3" WTB tire tucked in tight , internal cable routing was something I never attempted before this bike but i wanted to keep the lines of the frame clean and un cluttered so you just saw the rear brake line only sorta like a BMX bike . Why not run the rear brake through the top tube you ask ? Well for one that would be pointless , no one likes bleeding their brake to get it into their frame no matter how clear it looks . So the mechanical cables for the rear der and dropper post run through the downtube entering at the head tube together , splitting in the center of the downtube and exiting on each side by the bottom bracket . The rear der cable then takes a quick trip through the chain stay so it ends up on the bottom of the stay at the rear der. The frame will fit either 29x 2.4 or 27.5 x 3.0 wheels your decision. We also decided to use custom made frame bags instead of building a machine front rack because well it's a mountain bike not a paper route back cruiser sorry guys this one was built for fun !! So drop that post and take that detour down the flow train before you get into camp this bike is made for it !!!

Styling is after a early 60’s 356 Porsche race car
The bike will have a very subtle paint scheme in one of the rarest paint colors know today , ModeGrau or as it's better known on the internet Porsche "Man from Chile Grey " this highly sought after paint color is provided by Porsche's paint manufacture Spies and Hecker as a courtesy to this build they provided us with the paint codes .
The bike features a graphic package by the artist Les Schettkoe who has previously done illustration works for Disney , Hasbro’s Transformers and GIJoe as well as Playboy and many others . Les's iconic illustration style and graphics package best represents our brand and me as a builder down to the redwood tree used on our head badges .
This image of a redwood tree , something that means a lot to me as I have one plated under my name in BigBasin state park .
The bike is named after a trail that runs along the top of Skyline blvd just above the park - Longridge , easily one of my favorite trails to ride and one that has been featured in bike company catalogues and magazine since people started riding down mountains on old Klunkers.

To clarify - the bike was designed by Brad Hodges , all tube work and fabrication was also done by Brad.
All internal routing / brazing work done by Brad hodges
Frame was TIG welded by Joe Bynoe the same guy who has welded all my frames for the past ten years!
We work together as a team , this bike could not be possible without his help and he is as much of the builder as I am.
WHBradford “Dr. Klunkinstein” (Entry for: Best mountain bike):
As the story goes Ty Hathaway ( Tytanium ) and the rest of the Yonder journal crew were out adventuring in the great state of Jefferson when they came upon a crazy hillbilly named Kevin Kruger ( no relation to Freddy ) who I had built two modern new fangled Klunker bikes for a few years earlier . Kevin got on the cover of Bike magazine and that was that , well until Ty came along.
As it turns out Kevin let Ty and Moi take these bikes for a few runs and well after that moment Ty decided he had to have one.
Photos were taken and later posted to social media , I made a jack ass comment I like normally do something to the effect of " Hey I built those bikes" and since that day Ty's been bugging me for a Klunker bike.
For me as a kid growing up in Cupertino in the 80's I always herd stories of the old guys who would bomb their beach cruisers down the fire roads of Stevens Creek Canyon park . These guys were the "Cupertino Riders" and truth be told these guys were the ones who started what later became known as "mountain biking" by converting old bikes and bombing the fire roads above our town. It wasn't until they took these bikes to Marin and a few guys like Gary fisher saw them that the idea for Re-pack was born. So yea Klunkers and the hills above my old house go hand in hand!!
So for me dysfunctional BMX kid from Cupertino who always dreamed of building bikes , I had to come correct with whatever "Klunker" I decided to build.
Kevin Kruger is the son in Law of Russ MAyhon the originator of the Cupertino Riders and the first two bikes I built got his approval and that made me very happy. Before I built this bike for Ty I was able to dig up my first frame drawing for Kevin's bikes and found a original pair of the top tubes we had bent stashed away in my shop.
When you bring in a professional bad ass like Ty Hathaway who cut his teeth racing motorcycles theres a who different equation's thrown into the mix here. I had to consider how Ty would ride a bike like this , a bike that was pretty much going to be a downhill death machine in his hands !
So after about 1500 Facebook messages and 2 months of me bugging Ty for the parts a wheel set arrived at my shop and it was time to get building.
The idea was to make the bike as much like Ty's moto as possible , this meant ditching the traditional wheel size in favor of something a bit more fun that Ty had been playing around with 27.5 rear and a 29 up front !
27.5B+ (3.0) fit to a hookless carbon rim out back laced to a vintage 60's Nankai coaster brake hub , up front a 29er wheel with a 2.4 tire to remember the larger dia. smaller tire of a moto.
Braking well like we said this is a downhill death machine that rides like Ty's motorcycle so the coaster acts as the rear stomp break and the front brake is routed to the right side of the bars .
But your not going to get much stopping power from that front disk , because it mounted to a full "Swinger" style shok fork up front so when you grab the front break your going to load up the front swinger , stomp on that rear coaster and hope to hell you have the balls to stear through that turn at whatever speed your going !!
The dropper post is there to keep the seat level with the top tubes to mimic Ty's saddle position and feel from the moto as well!!
Profile BMX cranks becouse Ty's also grew up sliding rails and jumping doubles like most BMX kids , but later became a professional mountain bike racer . This is his "fun bike"
I entered this in best mountain bike because that's the only category listed that fit , I had planned on entering this as "best theme bike" so possibly with the amount of Klunkers at the show this year we could add a "Best Klunker class ??