Click to view in pdf format, Tsubasa Interview herunterladen.

Chatting with Ed Vavilovas of Tsubasa Bicycles it all started with the desire to help his war torn

country and follow citizens of the Ukraine herunterladen. With the cooperation of Reginald Vorontsov, the

frame designer of the Olympic gold medal track bike Takhion, together they built a frame called

the Takhion + Tsubasa Mass herunterladen. This could possibly be the fastest track bike in the world. The

frame was auctioned off in 2015 to the highest bidder and the proceeds were donated to the

International Committee of the Red Cross to provide food, shelter and support for the orphans

and victims of the war schadeformulieren. Below is the Takhion+ Tsubasa Mass bicycle.

Ed’s imagination and creativity in his bicycles is to incorporate nature since he believes nature is

the best design herunterladen. The Tsubasa lineup consist of two road bicycles called the Bee and the Crow,

but also includes track bikes such as the Tsubasa 2 and 3. Each of the bicycles are truly

handmade as you can see each layer of carbon fiber is hand laid down to create a single body

without joints minecraft kostenlos herunterladen für iphone. The finish remains me of one off prototypes and works of art. Interesting natural

materials he used in his designs also include wood and fabric outlook 2016.

Another concept he incorporated in his design (Bee) was to layup carbon fiber over honeycomb

core so that the finish product of tubing would have a dimple effect on the surface windows update manuell downloaden win 7. This dimpling

effect aids in breaking up the turbulence of airflow thus reduce drag. That is a very ingenious

ideal using the additional strength of honeycomb and the hexagonal shape to create these

dimples traktor spiel kostenlos downloaden. This is a double bonus.

The Crow design seems to focus more on a stiffer frame then the Bee. The three corners of the

frame are enhanced to create a more stiffer and stable ride bibi und tina hörbücher kostenlosen. If you look at the head tube, it is

tapered at the bottom to allow for more stiffness and control. I suspect this frame has a more

precise steering compared to the Bee.

The second design feature to this bike is the full carbon fiber bottom bracket. This gives

additional stiffness compared to an aluminum bottom bracket. This should be noticeable when

pounding on the pedals in a sprint or climbing.

The last corner to be addressed is the rear stays near the seat tube. The Crow uses a titanium

brake bridge for lightness and strength. The material is also corrosion resistant.

I am looking forward in seeing the Tsubasa bikes and take up Ed’s offer for a test ride. It’s a

coincidence we are the same height so I am hopeful he will have a bike for me. I will give a

review on the ride later.

Check out the Tsubasa bikes website (Tsubasabicycles.com). They will be at the North America

Handmade Bicycle Show on Feb. 26-28. Don’t miss it.