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I had a chance to interact with Brian Miller of Iride Bikes and he has the passion for Italian bikes

and other things Italian. At first I thought could this be the bike Apple is producing? Designed in

the United States and manufactured in Italy? Not. These urban city bikes are 100% Italian and

handmade by only one master. His name is Carlo Gemmati. The grandson of the Umberto

Gemmati, the founder who open his workshop in 1919. I was told that the frames are all cut,

brazed and painted by only Carlo so you are truly getting a work of art from an artist.

It seems like Iride’s niche is designing fast riding city bikes for the cyclist who want to ride in

style but they also build your standard road and track bikes. They currently produce 5 models

and will debut the newest 6th model at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The latest

offering will be the Donna, a variation of the Monello model. The Donna is a single speed city

bike for women that prefer to ride with a skirt. The top tube has been changed to two thinner

sloping tubes that extend to the rear axle. It has a different handlebar and crank, but similar in


Above is the Monello model. I look forward in seeing the Donna at the show since it’s time to

get a new bike for the spouse.

Check out Iride Bikes website ( They will be at the North America Handmade

Bicycle Show on Feb. 26-28.