The New Wren 150 mm Hub / 150 mm Travel Inverted suspension fork

The Wren Aluminum Inverted Suspension Forks continue to set the standard for flex free riding with the addition of keyed stanchions. Similar to the design of a motorcycle fork, the keyed stanchions prevent stanchion twist and keep you running true. Our inverted design puts the oversize 36mm stanchions on the bottom reducing the lower mass of the fork making it more responsive to the trail. Our beefed up crown and oversize 43mm uppers provide the strength and torsional rigidity. All Wren suspension forks have fully adjustable rebound and compression on the oil side. In addition, we have a rider accessible dial to make compression adjustments on the fly including lockout. Our TwinAir system on the air side allows for quick and easy fine tuning to keep you dialed in no matter what the conditions. Attention snow riders – this fork works in the cold. Get your freeze on! Wren Inverted Suspension forks come in 505, 530 and 570 AC lengths with adjustable travels ranging from 80mm up to 150mm depending on AC. Available for 100mm, 110mm, 135mm and 150mm hubs.