Wren Lightweight Alloy Stem, 40 mm length / 71 g pictured

Wren Lightweight Alloy Stems are 3D forged from AL7050 to provide superior structural strength while keeping weight to a minimum. With our stem design and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce stems lengths down to 40 mm pc spiel super mario kostenlos downloaden. You will find a Wren Lightweight Alloy Stem to fit most all your applications.

Wren Lightweight Alloy Stems come in 6° and 17° angles. Our 6° stem comes in 40/50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120/130 mm lengths bildbearbeitungsprogramm mac kostenlos downloaden. Weights for the 6° stems are: 40 mm – 71g, 50 mm – 75 g, 80 mm – 80 g, 100 mm – 89 g, 110 mm -117 g. Our 17° stem comes in 80/90/100/110 mm lengths whatsapp neueste version herunterladen. Weights for the 17° stems are: 80 mm – 85 g, 100 mm – 101 g. Wren alloy stems are lighter than carbon stems and cost much less.