italian handmade titanium aluminum and steel bikes for road cycling and gravel

T°RED means planning, research, testing and design. Unmatched performance and quality are enhanced by unique objects. T°RED aims to take cycling into the 21st century, with its hi-tech, cutting-edge products fussball manager 14 for free in full. T°RED bicycles are the result of advanced design, lab testing and analysis carried out in international research centers, with the aim of creating bikes that are unbeatable in all conditions vimeo video cannot be downloaded.

Technology, materials, style and research. Each T°RED bicycle is perfected down to the smallest detail: the geometries, the materials used, the manufacturing processes, dynamic structural testing and lab testing all help produce results that until a few years ago would have been unthinkable herunterladen. Over twenty years of experience of Italian hi-tech craftsmanship and the level of excellence of the firm’s partners combine to create bicycles that surpass every known limit herunterladen. Romolo Stanco, architect and designer with a past in Physics, is Head of Design of the company and the mind able to melt every mentioned aspect in unique and performing bicycles pc spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch legal.

“Beasts” made of titanium, carbon, mechanics and electronics. 21st century “beasts”, with digital technology and control, on which professional testers have clocked up some serious miles, both on the road and the track Youtube videos as mp3 iphone. T°RED bicycles have a unique design, with innovative and patented hi-tech solutions and geometries, aiming for enjoyment and enthusiasm with each pedal stroke teams files.

T°RED is not inspired by the market, and certainly not by the latest trends; it is driven by passion. The certainty of being able to improve existing technology, to improve on its results and to develop and reach new limits feeds each project, each design, each lab test and each solution tested on the road welche filme downloaden netflix. Only passion can turn lines, angles, materials and technology into exciting and invincible weapons.