For ease of use and low maintenance this bike features a Rohloff 14spd hub paired with a Gates belt drive, along with disc brakes and a generator front hub.

The seatstays curve so that they can act as the front part of the pannier support, with the custom rack matching the shape. There is a Supernova rear light mounted on the back, to match the front light that is mounted on the custom front rack. Both racks feature carbon top-plates made by the composite guys at Ruckus. The SON-SL front generator hub is paired to special dropouts that mean there are no connections for the power – just clamp the wheel in and the dropouts provide the connection. The power is sent internally to the front lamp and to a USB charging port on the top of the steerer.

At the rear there is a custom split dropout on the right for installing the belt, and a extra long dropout on the left for the torque arm of the Rohloff hub, which is controlled by a Co-motion dropbar Rohloff shifter.  An eccentric bottom bracket takes care of tensioning the belt.