“It’s been seven days and I’ve been able to get six rides in on my new bike. I thought I’d send my thoughts on to you as I really love the bike secure b2.1. I’ve ridden on flats, hills, short and long rides. The first thing I noticed was how smooth the ride is. Next was how responsive the bike felt both climbing and descending herunterladen. Descending on it is actually pretty incredible. It’s so balanced and steady. The cockpit and components are a wonderful match to the beautiful frame apple icloud windows herunterladen. Each looks and works perfectly well. I do love the electric shifting. The wheels are amazing. They roll so well and must be contributing to the great descending characteristics of the bike spotify without premium. I do notice they are a tiny but more sluggish off the line than my lighter wheels but that should be expected and the aesthetics are more than worth it qgis download kostenlos. Speaking of how it looks…I’ve gotten comments on almost every ride. Lots of people have asked what type of bike it is due to the stealth read of the logo youtube video in browseren. A few have said, “I should have known” or “oh right… I recognize those stays”. But most just pretend to be in the know and likely look up your website later herunterladen. I’ve had people take pictures and bring friends over to see it….and it’s just been one week! The fit is perfect. I feel better on it than my old bike even climbing 90 miles on Saturday felt good youtube video auf ipad downloaden. I assume the material helps on the long rides. So this is a big thanks from a very happy client” – Giles