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On the first day of the show I had a chance to talk to follow Torontonian Patrick Gauci of Patrick
Cycle Works. Yes, I grew up in Toronto too. It’s a small world. This young 20 year old Aircraft
Structural Technician is building his own bikes. Former Provincial Jr. downhill racer (road a
Giant) he is trying to build custom bikes at a lowest possible cost. He might have some
competition with Portland builder Circa Cycles, which is also trying to get that niche.

Working full time as an apprentice to obtain his license, Patrick (truly a one man shop) builds
frames out of his garage at the west end of the city. His road frames start at $1100 and go up,
depending on the extra options you want. One hot tip you might consider is that his prices are in
Canadian dollars if purchase in Canada. If you have green backs you might consider securing a
frame in the Great White North at a considerable discount. So far he has built 4 frames in 2015
and hopefully more to come in 2016 from the exposure he will get at the NAHBS. This is a great
start for this up and coming builder. Good Luck Patrick.