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Kevin Wren the founder of Wren Sports kicked off this young company at the 2015 Interbike
Show. They are mainly focus on mountain and fat bikes innovations. The latest offering and with
great success, are the CAC (Ceramic Aluminum Composite) rotors. These rotors were used by
the Foes Racing Team and won 4/5 races at the California Fatbike State Championships. These
rotors are lighter, have better wear resistance, better heat dissipation and better wet weather
braking. I asked Wren if they have a floating rotor, but they said they are not far along on the
design yet and need to see if it is feasible.
Another product that Wren markets is the Inverted Suspension fork. Their design was derived
from the inverted forks currently used on most sports motorcycles. Travel ranges from 80mm to
150mm. Travel is controlled by using travel clips. Wren also makes a ridge mountain bike fork
out of HM Carbon.
One product that I would be interested in is the frame pump that can pump up to 160 psi. The
frame pumps I currently use, I have a difficult time pumping up my tires to even 100 psi when I
get a flat. Thus the reason for the invention of the C02 cartidge. I will test the road pump when at
the show to see how easy it is to pump up to 160 psi, or if you need to be the Hulk to get there.
I look forward in seeing Wren Sports other innovated products and the Foes aluminum bike with
Wren suspension and the CAC rotors. Unfortunately TDR (Theo de Rooij) bicycles with Wren
forks will not be there.
Check out the Wren Sports website (wrensports.com). They will be at the North America
Handmade Bicycle Show on Feb. 26-28.