MANAIA – Forget mass production. Fast, light, terrific road bike, born in Italy from research, design and craftsmanship. Ride with us!


The muffled sound of the light alloy tubes with different sections, the impeccably finished TIG welding and the brushed surface enhanced by an indelible Maori tattoo make MANAIA a truly unique bicycle. It has been designed to offer its best performance when pushing for the limits, with a shape that fosters reactivity and speed, and materials able to withstand power even during extreme sprints. The 7000 series scandium-zirconium reinforced aluminum/magnesium alloy performs over 30% better than ergal, with higher performance welding, and a lightness and rigidity comparable to the best carbon frames. The proprietary design D-THRU® dropouts, machined in Italy by OMC, are optimized for flat mount brake calipers, while the innovative rear triangle and integrated seatpost ensure a truly amazing feeling. A metal creature born to ride, whose sole purpose is to make you win.

T°RED test leader Giairo Ermeti during test rides.
T°RED test leader Giairo Ermeti during test rides.


I LOVE LIGHT METAL came about almost as the result of a joke, inspired by some ideas that continued to run through our heads.
We immediately turned it into a claim that sums up a philosophy, passion and approach in just a few words. We have always looked at things differently, going beneath the surface and digging down to discover reasons and motives, as well as new solutions.
Metals have played an undisputed leading role in the world of bicycles for years. Mario Cipollini, Marco Pantani, Lance Armstrong and many other legendary cycling record holders performed their winning feats on bicycles made from steel, aluminum and titanium, producing performances in no way inferior to those of today’s top carbon fiber models. These bikes were handmade, unique and bespoke pieces, real gems, racing machines designed to support and exalt the performance of the athletes and their characteristics.
Great rigidity for sprinters, reactivity and speed for attackers, extreme lightness for climbers.
So why were these metals replaced by carbon at a certain point? In short, for convenience. It is quicker and easier to process carbon, which is molded with industrial procedures that ensure high-quality standards and rapid production times.


This is the complete opposite of what Italy’s artisanal firms do. We realized that we loved metals, light metals, those that can be used to make sensational bikes, those that can be used to create unique pieces thanks to today’s technology and expertise, bespoke bikes for every cyclist, without losing out in terms of performance and comfort.
What else? We mustn’t forget aluminum. Rigid, resistant and packed with alloys with very different characteristics. Why not explore and investigate something different?

Manaia in Cremona Circuit during tests.
Manaia in Cremona Circuit during tests.


Alloys with very interesting mechanical features have been tried out in the aerospace industry and for other high-performance purposes. These light, aluminumbasedalloys are enriched with rare materials such as magnesium, scandium and zirconium, able to improve the material’s resistance to fatigue, to prevent aging by refining aluminum’s crystalline grain and to form thin Al3Sc precipitates with a hardening effect superior to that of any other intermetallic compound.
The resistance of these alloys (breaking resistance of just under 600MPa) is typically 30-40% higher than that of Ergal (comparable to titanium alloys) and they were first used in the construction of submarine-launched missiles designed by the USSR, which were even able to penetrate polar ice layers.

remains of processing
remains of processing


These particular aluminum alloys, in which scandium is combined with zirconium, make it possible to reduce the weight of the frame by 20%, hugely improving torsional stiffness and refining the grain during the welding process: the physical and chemical reason for this is linked to the core-shell structure of the AI3 (Sc, Zr) dispersoids. However, the huge advantage of using this alloy lies in its compatibility with traditional aluminum processing and thus with affordablewelding procedures. Following on from Aracnide, CamoBeast and Callithrix, these ideas and our love of metal led us to create MANAIA. It is pointless to mention that the ideas that emerged from studies and conversations with researchers stimulated us and drove us to move even more quickly.

First prototype before TIG weldings
First prototype before TIG weldings
Detail of the frame seat tube and seatstay solutions
Detail of the frame seat tube and seatstay solutions
First prototype of the frame
First prototype of the frame


There were many steps involved in the process that has enabled us to show you the images and illustrate the performances of the first MANAIA prototype.
From studying the materials and their characteristics, to coming up with a design able to make the most of them, as well as tube hydroforming to create a dedicated series in partnership with Dedacciai that would enable us to benefit from top performances and our chosen shapes and designs.
Our decision to use disc brakes presented us with a number of different alternatives in a field in which the standards are not yet clear. We opted to continue using a front and rear thruaxleand to try out a flat mount, albeit in the awareness that there were no dedicated dropouts on the market.
The first prototype was created by modifying existing products so as to enable us to gain an understanding of reactions on the road and in the laboratory.

Standard post mount dropouts modified for thru axle
Standard post mount dropouts modified for thru axle

The next step was to design the dropouts for flat mount brake calipers and thru-axle, on a 142 rear triangle that adds stability to the bike when braking and the best reactivity out there. This demanding process required the use of 3D design, 3D printing for the first trials and the development of a number of sample pieces by CNC in order to achieve a new finished prototype.
You will see the end result soon. As well as looking great, it is also extremely functional and we can’t wait to start production. Your support for the project will make some of this work possible!

What a beauty! First prototype ready for tests.
What a beauty! First prototype ready for tests.
Working on Manaia details
Working on Manaia details

 project video thumbnail

First drawings of the new dropouts
First drawings of the new dropouts

The perfect welds are the result of expert and precise handcrafted workmanship, able to give shape to our designs in order to achieve the desired end result together.
The handcrafted tapered headset, the oval tubes that allow the various pieces to become one and merge into a perfect aerodynamic shape, and the brushed finish of the frame produce a surprisingly precise result, almost as if it had been manufactured by aliens endowed with superior technology.


As is the case for all our projects, nothing is left to chance and we develop every aspect down to the smallest detail. The OMC crankset is worked from a solid piece and transmits all the power to the pedals.
The TOOT wheels have a high-profile rim (61mm front and 81mm rear), with an aerodrop shape optimized for using disc brakes. They are fitted with IndustryNine hubs to maximize performance and are light and aerodynamic, perfect for circuits and short races, as well as for road training.
As far as we want you to ride your best bike ever, the frameset is thought to work with anygroupset of your choice.


Testing the bike on the road
Testing the bike on the road

A fast, reactive bike, offering perfect steering, a winning performance in short circuit races, and great training, able to keep up with you during every ride, taking every challenge to the limits.

The rear triangle ̶ with seat stays made from a single piece ̶ embraces the seat post, grippingit so as to disperse the traction stress from the flat mount disc brake that is now only anchored to the lower blades. As well as making the bike more reactive than ever, this solution also improves control and makes it easier to steer, facilitating acceleration even in extreme circumstances such as a sprint. The contact and welding surface between the seat stays and seat post is therefore increased by 72%, improving the rigidity, solidity and reactiveness of the frame without increasing its weight.

The D-THRU® thru-axle flat mount dropouts are a proprietary design, developed specifically for MANAIA in keeping with the welding processes established during the design process, enhancing the bike’s reactive design concept. Nothing mass-produced or already on the market would have met our requirements. These ‘details’ are often comprised of ‘standard’ components in bikes. In Manaia, nothing is standard. Manaia aims to be the reference point, even when compared to top carbon fiber frames from the best-known international brands.

The seat clamp designed using 3D CAD and then tested with additive manufacturing adds a visually attractive functional touch to the bike. In fact, the seat post can be welded completely with the horizontal tube, creating a twofold welding surface. The lack of a traditional seat post allows for more honking and greater comfort when cycling over longer distances.

T°RED test leader Giairo Ermeti testing the first prototype on a racetrack
T°RED test leader Giairo Ermeti testing the first prototype on a racetrack

When working on this project we formed an engineering partnership with the Lecco-basedCNR-IENI, a leading facility for advanced metal alloy characterization and research. The CNR (National Research Centre) is a leading Italian research facility and T°RED first started working with it on projects that use shape-memory alloys. In this case, the trials and tests on the materials, deformations and performances under stress were measured in the laboratory and on the road with extensometers that allowed us to assess and optimize the frame performanceunder the most extreme simulated and real stress, enabling us to create an uncompromising bike for everyone, not just professional athletes.


“I love light metal” is a mood we want to share with our supporters. Choose the T°shirt if you also feel the power of metals is back!
A big red heart and black on black claim will testify the world your passions!
Don’t worry about sizing, we will be back to you during the campaign.
In the pack you will also receive a ping with the same logo.

Man T°shirt with "I love light metal" logo
Man T°shirt with “I love light metal” logo
Woman T°shirt with "I love light metal" logo on the back
Woman T°shirt with “I love light metal” logo on the back

MANAIA SKINSUIT A short sleeve skinsuit with the same graphics of the bike. The design comes from the maori tattoos, from where the name derives to. Wear it to feel the power of Manaia and discover how it becomes part of you, feel it under your skin! Don’t worry about sizing, we will be back to you during the campaign.

Manaia skinsuit
Manaia skinsuit

MANAIA LIMITED EDITION FRAMESET – early bird A limited edition frameset will be ready to be shipped to your house at a special rate if you go for it among the firsts. Frame, fork, seatpost and headset ready to be mounted with your components. The frameset is compatible with every disc brake flat mount groupset. Don’t worry about sizing, we will be back to you during the campaign. If you’d like to purchase also the rest for a complete bike, please contact us via e-mail.


A limited edition frameset will be ready to be shipped to your house. Frame, fork, seatpost and headset ready to be mounted with your components.
The frameset is compatible with every disc brake flat mount groupset.
Don’t worry about sizing, we will be back to you during the campaign.
Since you trust in our work, we are happy to share a skinsuit with you, so that you can wear it any time while riding your new bike.
If you’d like to purchase also the rest for a complete bike, please contact us via e-mail.

Share your passion with a friend and get a good value!
Two limited edition framesets will be ready to be shipped to your house. Frame, fork, seatpost and headset ready to be mounted with your components.
The frameset is compatible with every disc brake flat mount groupset.
Don’t worry about sizing, we will be back to you during the campaign.
Since you trust in our work, we are happy to share two skinsuit with you, so that you can wear it any time while riding your new bike.
If you’d like to purchase also the rest for a complete bike, please contact us via e-mail.

MANAIA FRAMESET + OMC CRANKSET + TOOT 60/80 WHEELS (Skinsuit&aero set included)
We studied the bike in order to be perfect, that’s why we partnered up with some great companies to offer the best from the market. OMC crankset is the ideal light and performing companion of the frame, together with the aero TOOT wheels.
On top of this, you will get a free skinsuit and an aero set, comprising arms, legs, gloves and covershoes.
The frameset is compatible with every disc brake flat mount groupset.
Don’t worry about sizing, we will be back to you during the campaign.

Please contact us for any detail or information you may need about the rewards and the bike. We will be happy to share more information with you!
CAN I TEST RIDE IT?Of course you can! We are already asking feedback in these weeks and planning new test days around.
Check this calendar as it will have soon more test days in it.

Test days 26-28 Feb North American Handmade Bicycle Show – Sacramento, CA
29 Feb San Francisco
5 Mar Dual Bike Cantù
12 Mar Desenzano del Garda
contact us to book your test ride with MANAIA

Where does T°RED come from?

T°RED is a research and development center that combines research, experimentation anddesign in highly innovative products.
T°RED starts out with an idea and develops the route, the processes and the details in order to achieve a finished product. It then takes this uncompromising product to the market. If anything is missing and the market is unable to offer ready-made solutions, T°RED designs, develops and manufactures them alongside partners and research centers of international standing.
It is not a production industry, and therefore it is not tied to mass production and large numbers. T°RED aims to focus on excellent projects, transforming them into unique products with an unbeatable performance and design thanks to the creativity and research of its team, as well as partnerships with international research centers and close collaboration with Italian technical and artisanal firms. Craftsmanship alone is not enough to achieve excellence. CAD design, control and simulation tools, evolving materials and working processes, and equipment used to check and characterize products are now indispensable parts of the process for developing top-quality products. T°RED aims to combine creativity and ideas with Italian technique and craftsmanship by adopting a process that goes hand in hand with major innovation and research, all too often the sole preserve of big industrial firms. A hybrid combination of ideas, patents, trials, technological innovation, cutting-edge artisanal workmanship and art, leading to the creation of top-quality products with unique performances, head and shoulders above anything offered by the industrial market.
And we think they look great too!


Romolo Stanco, MANAIA design and R&D
Romolo Stanco, MANAIA design and R&D

Romolo Stanco was born in 1972. After studying physics for two years, he graduated with honors from the Politecnico di Milano in Architecture. In 1998 he founded SmarritaCamilla Architectural Workshop, exploring complex architecture, design and research to achieve tangible, value-packed results, as recognized by the international press. He works on many architectural projects, striving for simplicity and poetry, as part of an ongoing evolution that does not necessarily entail a minimalist approach. ‘Love’ is the basic ingredient in every project. He crosses the traditional boundaries of design, blending it with art and new technologies. The Chicago Tribune describes his work as ‘Design as Art’, while Laura Traldi, in Curve, speaks of his work as ‘Design magic’. After working at research centers such as CNR (National Research Council) and directing the NuDe Politec Valtellina (Centre for Innovation in Valtellina) department, he is now working with RSE (Research on Energy System) on a number of revolutionary projects in the field of architecture, design and energy. He is one of the few designers ‘listed’ by Artnet for the limited editions of some works published by Galleria Colombari. Since 2012 he has been the creative director at T°RED, an innovative start-up and an experimental workshop for design, architecture, mobility and research, which works on proprietary designs with internationally renowned laboratories, technical and artisanal firms and industrial companies. He has won several design and research competitions and international awards, holds more than ten patents and has a genetic intolerance to the term ‘impossible’.
Architect and founder at T°RED, he has been selected as one of the AUDI Innovative Thinkers.

T°RED Bikes

T°RED means planning, research, testing and design. Unmatched performance and quality are enhanced by unique objects. T°RED aims to take cycling into the 21st century, with its hi-tech, cutting-edge products. T°RED bicycles are the result of advanced design, lab testing and analysis carried out in international research centers, with the aim of creating bikes that are unbeatable in all conditions. Technology, materials, style and research. Each T°RED bicycle is perfected down to the smallest detail: the geometries, the materials used, the manufacturing processes, dynamic structural testing and lab testing all help produce results that until a few years ago would have been unthinkable. Over twenty years of experience of Italian hi-tech craftsmanship and the level of excellence of the firm’s partners combine to create bicycles that surpass every known limit. Romolo Stanco, architect and designer with a past in physics, is Head of Design of the company and the mind able to blend every mentioned aspect in unique, high-performance bicycles. ‘Beasts’ made of titanium, carbon, mechanics and electronics. 21st-century ‘beasts’, with digital technology and control, on which professional testers have clocked up some serious miles, both on the road and the track. T°RED bicycles have a unique design, with innovative and patented hi-tech solutions and geometries, aiming for enjoyment and enthusiasm with each pedal stroke. T°RED is not inspired by the market, and certainly not by the latest trends; it is driven by passion. The certainty of being able to improve existing technology, to improve on its results and to develop and reach new limits feeds each project, each design, each lab test and each solution tested on the road. Only passion can turn lines, angles, materials and technology into exciting and invincible weapons.

Keeping you informed is of utmost concern. Regular updates will be provided and questions answered in a timely manner.If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask or call us.

T°RED Bikesph. +39.0523.323991/
mob. +39.366.5420632
mail > kickstarter@tredbikes.com
web > www.tredbikes.com

Risks and challenges

We want to finish the project as quickly as possible.
Developing the first prototype allowed us to see the changes that needed to be made and the potential offered by certain improvements.
We are currently working on other projects at T°RED, but we don’t want to delay this one. That’s why we came up with the idea of launching a Kickstarter campaign to speed things up.
We need your help to improve and finish the bike. We have worked on many projects this year and Manaia was not on the list. However, when we came up with the idea and Romolo realized what he could do with the materials and his experience, we decided to give it a shot.
After carrying out some initial research, we
Paying off an important first order will enable us to reduce some of the production and logistical costs, investing the remaining money into the development of key details that need improvement. This will enable us to offer you the best possible bike.
We design and test with 3D printing before producing metal prototypes of the details,
The seat clamp needs some redesign work and tests.
The dropout in the first prototype was developed by adjusting existing pieces of the thru axle. Romolo is already working on the new dropouts. As there are no aluminum flat mount dropouts on the market, we will have to develop new pieces ourselves.
Manaia will have its own dropouts, developed to enhance the design and performance of the bike and to blend in perfectly with the frame design.
It will feature watermark graphics.

Share our passion for light metal and enjoy a great ride. You’ll never look back at carbon fiber after trying Manaia.