Mosaic XT-1

Mosaic Cycles produces the finest titanium and steel bicycles frames in Boulder CO, defining the “Bespoke Bicycle”.  Bespoke  is the tangible act of turning practical performance goals into a bike of singular personality and beauty for each individual rider and their needs.  Underpinned by Mosaic’s values, each bespoke frame is a composite of the company’s core elements, a convergence that sets Mosaic apart from other builders in a meaningful way.

The Bespoke bicycle begins with our founder Aaron Barcheck’s belief that artistry and technical excellence can, and must, flow together in every Mosaic build.  The commitment to understand the attributes most important to the discerning rider provides efficiency and style personalized in a bike unique to them.  This is followed by Mosaic’s proven ability to execute their Bespoke process across a range of materials and disciplines while yielding an enduring product that places a premium on the amazing cycling moments Bespoke has to offer.

For NAHBS 2016 in Sacramento, the Bespoke Bicycle is yet again elevated to a higher level as Mosaic highlights a fundamental piece of it’s process:  The dealer base that represents them across the world.  Mosaic has teamed with the best IBD’s to show stunning builds, each representing a key partnership and an important link in Bespoke philosophy.