Industry Nine

MSRP: 190$ Front Hub, 385$ Rear Hub. Product Highlights: 28 or 32 hole drillings. All Axle configurations for standard and BOOST width hubs. Shimano HG and Sram XD Freehubs with I9 Signature 3 degree engaging drive mechanism. CENTER LOCK disc interface and as always Handmade with care in Asheville, NC.

Detriot Bikes

I'd like to submit our 2016 New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Ale Bike for the NAHBS photo gallery. Detroit Bikes is currently manufacturing more than 2,400 bikes for New Belgium Brewing as part of the beer maker’s annual mission to promote biking among their employees and customers. Now in the first stages of product delivery, the “Fat Tire Ale” bikes have inspired New Belgium to renew this contract in 2017. Designed exclusively for New Belgium, the bike made from chromoly steel and features a Sturmey Archer internal 3‐Speed.


MSRP $169 -­ $219 Product highlights: Cyclocross tested and tough our shifters provide a wide range of cycling disciplines options that are just not available anywhere else. UX shifters allow use of Shimano internal hubs and integrated shifters on drop bars. GX shifters allow Drop bars to be used with integrated shifters and Shimano Dyna­Sys derailleurs.

Triton bikes

Connor Axehandle Bike

The Connor Axehandle bike is the perfect marriage of form and function. Made from sustainable American hardwoods and beautiful enough to be a display piece, this these wood bicycles are tough enough to be raced in some of world's premier races. Award winning design, unparalleled craftsmanship and an incredible ride quality make Connor Wood Bicycles works of rolling art. The Axehandle is set up for gravel or cyclocross riding and can be had in the pictured form for $6,000. More bikes at

Columbs Tubi

The Soul of Cycling since 1919 #ColumbusTubing #steelisreal In 1919, as Europe emerged from the ashes of the Great War, a twenty-seven year old Angelo Luigi ‘A.L.’ Colombo signed the lease on a small factory and so began the production of steel tubes. With demand for bicycles running high, their makers were amongst his first customers – Edoardo Bianchi, Umberto Dei, Atala, Giovanni Maino. With his tubing well-proven in the bicycle industry, Angelo Luigi saw strength in creativity and diversity and was soon supplying material for the tubular frames of seaplanes and road vehicles, as well as for furniture and ski-poles. Italy was at the forefront of aviation in the 1920s, and Colombo enjoyed a strong relationship with Caproni, manufacturing the tubing that formed the backbone of their famous aircraft. In 1927 Colombo became part of aviation history, with De Pinedo and Balbo’s transatlantic planes having airframes constructed from Colombo tubing – the same tubing that was, at that time, used to fabricate race-winning Moto Guzzi motorcycle chassis. To give increased strength and reduced weight, Colombo began experimenting with ‘butted’ tubes – with variable wall thickness along their lenght. Three years later, in 1930, Angelo Luigi created the brand name 'Columbus', which was initially only associated with tubular chromed-steel furniture. After an initial trial period, in which Columbus exhibited at the VI Triennale in Milan, Angelo Luigi obtained exclusivity of supply to EMBRU for the production of Marcel Breuer’s iconic furniture designs. Shortly afterwards, Columbus furniture was in high demand – for offices, universities and schools as well as homes. The best rationalist architects of the time - Figini, Pollini, Terragni, Pagano, Pucci, Faccioli – crafted designs for Columbus, bringing innovation to the furniture industry and further reinforcing the reputation of Columbus as leaders in modernist design. Later in the 1930s, the Columbus name, along with ‘Aelle’ and ‘Tenax’ was first applied to special sets of bicycle tubes – the Columbus tubes being drawn from Chrome Molybdenum steel and the fork blades being elliptical, laying down standard characteristics that remain commonplace to this day. Never satisfied, Colombo worked to the maxim “Curiosity is a prelude to knowledge” and continued to experiment in the fields of mechanics and metallurgy. Colombo even designed and built their own butting machines to manufacture the tubes with tapering wall thickness – reinforcing the tubes at the joints where stresses are greatest. Colombo supplied tubes for racing car skeletons and Colombo’s son, Gilberto, designed chassis for the immortal Italian manufacturers Lancia, Maserati and Ferrari. Fangio (‘El Maestro’), Ascari and ‘Gigi’ Villoresi were carried to victory on Colombo chassis. Some of the tube profiles created at this time will find their application onto bicycle frames in the following years. ‘Columbus’, a new company dedicated to the development and production of specialist tubes for bicycle frames, is formed in 1977. Antonio Colombo, youngest son of Angelo Luigi, leaves his position as President of A.L. Colombo to devote himself entirely to the new-born Columbus. Extensive experience gained from cycle, aircraft and automobile testing was the driving force of the business: Columbus, reinforced by the fact that the Italian artisans who use Columbus tubes are admired and known all over the world, were determined to conquer international markets. Since that time continuous uninterrupted research, highlighting the parts of the frame subjected to the highest stress, has helped to improve stiffness and strength and increase resistance to deformation and breakage. Among the notable innovations are the taper-gauge elliptical fork blades, the conical helix tube butting, ‘Air’ – the first fully-aerodynamic tube set, and ‘Max’ – offering the advantages of differing oversize tube profiles to bicycle designers and riders. Parallel to an increasingly diverse production line, manufacturing 900 different types of tubes all of controlled origin and guaranteed quality, comes a growing competitive sector. For record attempts on the track, Columbus have developed super-light tube sets for the greatest champions: Coppi, Anquetil, Baldini, Rivière, Bracke, Ritter, Merckx, Moser, Oersted. The doctrine of intelligent experimentation and technological progress continues to be themain focus of the new Columbus, independent from A.L. Colombo since 1978. From research conducted in collaboration with the most prestigious research institutions, and through sophisticated tests carried out on the road and in the laboratory, Columbus will continue to develop new materials and designs; new tube sets which are highly valued by the top riders: from Gimondi toMerckx, Hinault to Argentin, Lemond and Roche.

Circa Cycles Goldie Deluxe City Bike

MSRP: Starting at $3,500 Description: Hand­built to be a perfect expression of modern bicycle design, this special­edition Circa Trillium (affectionately named Goldie) is perfect for town, pubs, picnics or beachside fun. Originally created as a showpiece for the Oregon Handmade Bike Show, the Goldie deluxe city bike is outfitted with a range of premium features including leather touch points, premium dynamo­lighting, front disc brakes, Nitto front rack, an internal 8­speed drivetrain and hand­built wheels from Portland’s Sugar Wheel Works.

Bread Winner

CAC Rotor - Wren Sports

Our Ceramic Aluminum Composite disc brake rotors are the only ISO certified composite rotors on the market. CAC rotors provide the lightweight, corrosion resistance properties of aluminum while significantly improving the strength, stiffness, wear resistance and coefficient of thermal expansion. Superior heat dissipation, improved modulation, wet braking performance and significant weight savings. Diameter Weight 140mm 55g 160mm 64g 180mm 76g 203mm 98g Retail price $99.99 each.

Wittson cross country 29er Bestia

This is the only XC frame model that we offer as standard and it's called Bestia. Around 20 years of experience in building ti frames leads to offering the best and most innovative possible options: a frame with integrated seatmast, conical headtube, integrated shifting and disc cable routing, bi­ovalized toptube, hydroformed curved downtube, hydroformed seat and chainstays, PressFit 30 bottom bracket, made in USA PARAGON dropouts etc. Simply put, if you're searching for a racing machine and rigidity is top of your list, this is your choice! Handcrafted in Europe.

Wittson road race Suppresio

This is the only road race frame model that we offer as standard and it's called Suppresio. Around 20 years of experience in building ti frames leads to offering the best and most innovative possible options: a super light frame with integrated seatmast, conical headtube, integrated shifting and brake cable routing, bi­ovalized toptube, hydroformed conical chainstays, PressFit 30 bottom bracket, made in USA PARAGON dropouts etc. Simply put, if you're searching for a racing machine and rigidity is top of your list, this is your choice! Handcrafted in Europe.

Aracride A.01 RD Titanio VedovaNera

T°RED CAMO Titanio Alfine Di2 B

T°RED CamoBeast Acciaio SSCX

America by Bicycle

Fully supported long distance tours. Contact: URL:

Cadeyrn ­ MTB

MSRP: $2600 (Frame only) Highlights: Compact All­Mountain design. Fast and light with just enough spring in the frame to make any ride fun. Photo Credit: John Watson/the Radavist

Esker AR ­ Orange Creamsicle

MSRP: $2900 (Frame/Fork) Highlights: Fast, Sleek, and rides like a road bike on the gravel, single­track, or pavement. Lower CG for better stability and comfort.