We are less than 20 weeks away from the 2016 NAHBS Show & the wheels are turning. Things are shaping up for yet another amazing turn out this year, with plenty of new exhibitors and attendees. By the time February 26th-28th rolls around, the Sacramento Convention center will be packed with bike aficionados!

Read below for the latest and greatest news from NAHBS, including this month’s exhibitor spotlights: Cycle Monkeys, Hunter Cycles and M.A.P Cycles word 97 gratisen. Moreover, to get you excited about the upcoming Sacramento trip, we will share with you our favorite bike rides in the area!



Check out the following briefs on a few  exhibitors who are already registered for NAHBS 2016. We’re hoping this information will give you some ideas for what you might like to cover around the 2016 show. We’ll have more detailed information headed your way as the show gets closer, so stay tuned!


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.19.09 PMNeil Flock: Cycle Monkeys

Cycle Monkey was started in fall of 2005 as a side project to service the suspension forks of East Bay mountain bikers witze zumen. Custom wheel building was soon added both as a passion of our founder and to address the decline in the number of qualified wheelsmiths as the cycling market moves towards complete factory built wheels.

At Cycle Monkey, we live and breathe bikes—we love to ride them, work on them, and talk about them, from road to mountain and everything in between. We have specialized tools to work on just about anything. When you ask us to service your Rohloff SPEEDHUB, build a new set of wheels, or overhaul your suspension fork, you get the real-world expertise that comes from 20 years of riding, racing, and wrenching on bikes wallpapers iphone. Read our blog for the latest observations, findings, and breakthroughs from the Cycle Monkey field lab.

We pride ourselves on staying informed about the latest technology for both road and mountain bikes. We routinely attend manufacturers’ training classes and keep up-to-date on the latest service manuals. We have a far more complete toolset than the average bike shop, including specialized tools for Rohloff, Schlumpf, suspension, frame prep, and component servicing herunterladen. When it comes time to install a new part or repair an older one, we know what we’re doing before we pick up a wrench. We admit it: we’re tech geeks. It’s a badge of honor to have memorized specs for most suspension forks produced.

Outside the shop, we’ve got thousands of real-world miles in our legs on trails and the road, from training, racing, and just having fun. Our founder, Neil Flock, got his first mountain bike at age 10 and started wrenching at a bike shop at age 13. He continued to improve his riding and wrenching skills throughout high school and college, and later raced on the road at the Cat 2 level for a few years after college herunterladen. Neil spent several years doing sales and service for Rohloff’s U.S. office before focusing his attention full time on Cycle Monkey.

Based on Neil’s Mechanical Engineering degree and some professional product design experience, we developed the Monkey Bone. We have several new projects in the works, so please check back with us for future accessories that enhance the Rohloff SPEEDHUB.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.19.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.20.41 PMRick Hunter: Hunter Cycles

Hunter Cycles offers TIG-welded and fillet brazed steel frames for everything from racing to hauling cargo, in addition to handmade forks and stems herunterladen. We also offer complete bikes and wheel builds.

Rick Hunter has been designing and fabricating custom frames since 1993. Rick still builds every frame himself, with the same focus on simplicity and craftsmanship, from a small shop in the hills of Santa Cruz County. Rick doesn’t like to brag, but riders from the legendary DFL Cross Dress Series to the Cycle Messenger World Championships will tell you there is no finer frame than a Hunter.

To order your own, please follow the link above. Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope you’ll become our friend on Facebook schadeformulieren.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.20.49 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.23.26 PMMitch Pryor: M.A.P Cycles

The bikes I build reflect the growing urge to make cycling a part of everyday life. Bicycles made for work, for travel, and to carry you through your day can be more than just practical. It is my passion to combine traditional methods and materials with a contemporary view towards building bicycles that are above all useful, elegant, and timeless.

MAP bicycles is owner and builder Mitch Pryor. Located in Chico, California, Mitch builds fine handmade steel bicycles one at a time and has learned the craft of framebuilding from master builder and painter Doug Fattic herunterladen. Mitch has refined and expanded on these skills to include rack building with the help of fellow builder Joseph Ahearne.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.23.33 PM


Local Rides

We are stoked about our Sacramento venue this year and want to start showcasing some of the best trails in the area!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.25.04 PM

The Granite Bay Trail

Granite Bay Trail: Attracts riders of all ages and all experience levels. Whether you’re teaching your kids how to mountain bike, or you’re looking to tear up the trails with a few buddies, Granite Bay Trail has something for everyone minecraft kostenlos herunterladen für iphone. Read more about this trail at


We are pleased to announce NAHBS 2016 will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California. The Sacramento Convention Center is located across the street from the State Capitol and just 15 minutes from the the Sacramento International Airport outlook 2016.  




The Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, a contemporary hotel in the heart of California’s capital city, welcomes NAHBS to Sacramento February 2016! Make sure to reserve a room early on. Group rates will be available until January 22, 2016.

NAHBS 2016 - Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel

NAHBS 2016 – Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel(Sourced:



Established in 2005, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is the largest and most widely accessible destination for frame builders to share their passion with cycling enthusiasts and supporters. It aims to be a meeting point – both online and in person- for frame builders and consumers looking for custom-made bikes, for the sharing of ideas, and the promotion of a special industry with a rich history dating back to 1819. NAHBS moves from city to city each year. For more information on the 2016 show, please visit

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We look forward to seeing you in February!


Don Walker

Don Walker,  Founder and President