Dear Frame builders,

Please Enter for the NAHBS AWARDS Judging.

Please log back into your NAHBS Exhibitor website through the following link to register for the NAHBS Awards.

Or under NAHBS Awards Entries-> Add New in the admin


Builders must submit their intentions for each category February 21st,, 2016. Late entries will be considered but are not guaranteed a place in the most popular categories.


Entry submissions must be made through the WP admin area of the NAHBS website using the NAHBS Awards Entries link in the navigation column on the left side of the admin page. This is the same admin area where NAHBS exhibitors provide their company information for the NAHBS website.

2016 RULES

Exhibitors wishing to submit a frame/bicycle for judging must provide notice to NAHBS by February 21st, 2016.  The category in which the frame/bicycle is entered must be indicated.
For multiple submissions, indication of category must be made for each frame.  Only two bikes per exhibitor are allowed for the 2016 show.  Minimum number of entrants: Unless there are a minimum of six (6) entrants in a category, judges reserve the right not to award a prize to the category



Fully complete bikes, paint and component choices will factor into the judging (aesthetic impact and correctness of the discipline)

Best city bike/ Utility bike
Best road bike
Best mountain bike
Best cyclocross bike
Best track bike
Best tandem bike
Best experimental bike


Construction categories: All bikes presented for the construction categories (lugged, fillet-brazed, TIG-welded and carbon layup) must be presented as naked frames. To make the frames easier to inspect, they should be presented with a fork, headset and stem. Painted bikes will be deemed ineligible. Frames will be assigned a number, so that judging is not influenced by bias

Best lugged frame
Best fillet frame
Best TIG frame
Best Layup


Theme: These are complete bicycles with a description of the theme, concept or heritage the frame builder is portraying. The bicycles will be judged with an eye toward the overall execution of the theme.
Utility Bicycle will be a new category under Riding Discipline.
Bicycles must be submitted for Theme and Best Finish categories
Other categories are open to all bikes in the show

Best new builder
Best finish
Best theme bike
People’s choice
President’s choice
Best of show

Rando Shootout Award

Judged by the editorial team at Bicycle Quarterly, the Rando Shootout Award will focus on the function and ride of the bicycle. Entries will be presented in the Summer 2016 magazine to Bicycle Quarterly’s audience of 21,000+ readers, as well as on the Bicycle Quarterly blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Merely participating will guarantee builders significant publicity.

The bikes will be tested by the Bicycle Quarterly editorial team on the roads around Sacramento for a first round of judging. The best three bikes will then be taken on one of Bicycle Quarterly’s epic rides, during which a final winner will be determined. The focus will be on performance during a spirited ride, handling on twisty mountain descents, versatility and the ability to carry and access luggage, as well as reliability. In the magazine feature, Bicycle Quarterly’s renowned photography will combine the beauty of the bikes and landscape into an inspirational adventure.

Entries will be evaluated based on their specifications first, with points awarded for light weight and a few other desirable features. Aesthetics also will play a small role, but these will be evaluated separately and used only as a tie-breaker in the final score.

Randonneur bikes must be able to cover varied terrain efficiently, on a variety of (usually paved) road surfaces. A good randonneur bike allows its rider to be fast both on and off the bike. It must offer excellent performance, but also limit the rider’s fatigue. Lighting must offer at least 24 hours of run time before the need for recharging. Autonomous lighting – powered by the rider or perhaps solar panels – is a plus. Luggage should be accessible while riding, or at least without dismounting the bike, to reduce the need for stopping. There must be space for a long-sleeve jersey, tights, gloves, rain jacket, 8 energy bars and 3 small bottles of liquid meal replacement (Ensure or similar), plus 2 inner tubes. Provisions must be provided to fix 3 flat tires – either a pump or 3 CO2 cartridges.

The Rando Shootout is a great opportunity for builders to show that their bikes not only look good, but also ride well. With the growing interest in randonneuring, touring and gravel riding, this type of bike has a strong following that will only continue to grow.


There are three areas in the judging room. The NAHBS Exhibitor packet contains a schedule for each of the awards categories, with a drop-off time, pickup time, and a specific area (A, B, C). Frame builders must leave their bicycle with judging staff in the designated area and retrieve it within the time windows provided on the schedule.


If a frame/bicycle could qualify for multiple divisions (egg. lugged steel cyclocross frame could be eligible for best steel, best lugged, or best cyclocross), the builder must indicate at the time of entry the category in which the frame/bicycle is entered.

Information about each frame/bicycle must be supplied. This information comprises notes on the concept, choice of material, design, construction process, finish, delivery process.

Completed Frame/bicycles are not required to be submitted in advance of the show, exhibitors are required only to provide notice of their intent, as outlined above (20th February).

NAHBS Management will publish all entries by 20th February.

Best of Show, Best New Builder, People’s Choice and President’s Choice are categories with automatic entry and do not require any action on the part of the frame builder.


Friday, February 26

Judging Schedule (Photos will take place immediately following the judging)

8:30 Judges meet in judging area

9:00 Best lugged frame 9:30 Best fillet frame

10:00 Best TIG frame

10:30 Best Layup

11:00 Best mountain bike

11:30 Best cyclocross bike

12:00 Break for lunch

1:30 Best track bike

2:00 Best road bike

2:30 Best tandem bike

3:00 Best experimental bike

3:30 Best city bike/ Utility bike

4:00 Best finish

4:30 Best theme bike

Saturday, February 27
Most awards given, starting after 1 p.m. Up to three awards per category will be issued. Award plaques/ Ribbons will be displayed on winning bikes, which will be returned to the exhibitors’ booths before the awards are made. The Saturday awards will be made at the booths of the awards winners.

Sunday, Feburary 28
3 p.m. People’s Choice, President’s Choice, Best New Builder.
The Sunday awards are made at the main stage.