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This week, NAHBS is proud to announce a new partnership with Shimano as official sponsor of NAHBS 2016! The world’s largest producer of cycling components, will have a sizeable presence at NAHBS, as they have every year. “Since the inception of NAHBS, Shimano has been a sponsor,” according to Shimano Marketing Manager Dustin Brady. “We continue to support the NAHBS show because it’s a key venue for small frame builders to show their creations. Their works of art are something that can be appreciated by both serious and beginning cyclists alike.”

In this newsletter edition, take a look into a few of NAHBS skilled exhibitors, including Dean Titanium Bikes, and Calfee Design and Majaco Bicycles, and of course, general information about accommodation in Sacramento will be supplied.

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Featured Seminar: Andy Tetmeyer- Repository of Knowledge, Hed Cycling 

 Room: 304

 DATE: SAT, February 27th

 TIME: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

 Andy Tetmeyer- Repository of Knowledge, Hed Cycling

 Andy Studied English at school, so naturally Andy’s been in the  bike industry for 28 years.

 Is building your own wheels enjoyable? If it is and you’re  not    too busy, come learn about set up, tooling, and  techniques  that  will make it even more of a pleasure to  roll your own. 

 Is it a pain in the ass to be avoided until two weeks after your deadline? Come learn about set up,  tooling, and  techniques  that will make it quicker, more accurate, and maybe even enjoyable. 

 Complete novice and want to learn? See above. We will go through a start to finish standard wheel  build and emphasize  how to do it quickly, accurately, and consistently. 

 We will do a complete start-to-finish wheel build and also cover stand  setup, tools, and build  parameters. All in about an 1 hour. 

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Big shout out to some of our favorite exhibitors! Dean Titanium Bikes, and Calfee Design and Majaco Bicycles!

Four time NAHBS exhibitor Paul Brodie, from Brodie Bikes, sat down with NAHBS for a special opportunity to learn more about him!

My name is Paul Brodie and I owned Brodie Bikes from 1986 to 2001. We built over 4,000 frames in that time period. Now I teach Framebuilding 101 at the University of the Fraser Valley. September 2015 will be our five year anniversary.

How long have you been building bikes/frames? How did you get your start in the industry?

I built my first frame when I was twelve years old. A mini-bike with a lawnmower engine. In 1984 I started building MTB frames for Rocky Mountain. I was shop supervisor, frame designer / builder / painter, all for $8/hour. In 1986 I left Rocky Mountain to start Brodie Bikes.

When you are not building bikes, what are you doing?

When I am not teaching Framebuilding 101, I am in my own shop building 1919 OHC Excelsior board tracker replicas. It’s all on my website: I have just finished my book which chronicles my 49 years of working with metal-  Paul Brodie: the man behind Brodie Bikes

How long have you been attending NAHBS? Do you plan to attend/exhibit at NAHBS 2016?

We have been to four consecutive NAHBS. We have booth #90 at NAHBS 2016, making it our 5th year!

Are you planning to participate in the awards this year? If so, would you like to share a little about the bike/frame you plan to present? Any specific division/or award you have your sights on?  

I do like the Artisan award. That’s all I can say.

Can you comment on the creativity, talent, and artisanal nature of the builders and bikes at NAHBS 2015? Do you expect to see even more ingenuity, skill, and craft this February?

It’s always a high standard, and you never know what to expect.

NAHBS is more than just a bike show. It is a gathering, the largest and most widely accessible destination, for frame builders to share their passion with cycling enthusiasts and supporters. In your opinion, what is it about NAHBS that truly sets it apart from other bicycle shows?

The hand built element is what sets NAHBS apart. I’ve been creative my whole life, so I feel very much at home there.

What about NAHBS 2015 did you enjoy the most? What are you looking forward to in Sacramento at NAHBS 2016?

We got introduced to Kentucky bourbon! It was also an honour to win Best City Bike. Sacramento is great place for NAHBS. Warm weather (hopefully), and big crowds (for sure).

Can you tell us a little about the Vancouver Cycling Community? Any advantages to doing business there? Any drawbacks?

The Vancouver Cycling Community is very strong. We are well known for our North Shore trails, and Whistler Mountain is not so far away. The City of Vancouver has many bike lanes, and the sea wall is a great place for a casual ride with spectacular scenery. Many cycling companies got their start here, including Brodie, Rocky Mountain, Dekerf, and Syncros. Framebuilding 101 is located in Abbotsford, about an hour east of Vancouver. The high rent/lease costs could be seen as a drawback if you are doing business here…

  Dean Titanium Bikes  – Ari Leon

With 25 years of experience DEAN continues its trade by manufacturing award winning titanium and steel bicycles in Boulder, Colorado. Each bike is custom tailored and precision handcrafted perfectly to match out customer’s body size and riding preferences.

  Calfee Design – Michael Moore

Genuine. Innovative. Original.

“In 1991, Greg LeMond was searching for a bike fast enough to keep him at the very pinnacle of professional bike racing. Craig Calfee was busy foring a quiet revolution in carbon construction. Together, they changed the face of cycling.”

 Majaco Bicycles  – Mark Combs

Majaco Bicycles, founded in 2011, is based in Austin, Texas. Combining his love of bikes, passion for the arts, and over twenty years of metalworking, Mark Combs found his dream job concocting bicycles of the greatest design, cleanest sculptural lines with meticulous attention to detail.

Majaco continues to focus on its core goals: form, quality and fit. Try it. You just might like it.


We handpicked some of our favorite and affordable lodging recommendations near the Sacramento Convention Center for the NAHBS 2016 Show!

Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Sacramento Convention Center

Governor Inn Hotel

Best Western Sutter House


We are pleased to announce NAHBS 2016 will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California. The Sacramento Convention Center is located across the street from the State Capitol and just 15 minutes from the the Sacramento International Airport.  


Maria Hennessey, SMAK Strategies


We look forward to seeing you in February!


Don Walker

Don Walker,  Founder and President