Paragon Machine Works was founded in 1983 in Marin County, California by owner Mark Norstad, and is located in Richmond, California.  We manufacture and stock a wide selection of titanium, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum bicycle frame building components.  As a leader in bicycle frame building technology, we are constantly innovating and providing new products to meet the demand of bicycle frame builders visual basic. Paragon Machine Works prides itself on providing personalized service and superior products.  We are proud of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff and are committed to providing living wages, benefits, and a friendly work environment.  Our staff is the reason we’re able to provide high quality products and excellent customer service herunterladen.

Paragon Machine Works has been busy over the past year expanding and improving our line of bicycle frame building components.  At 2015 NAHBS we introduced our Syntace X-12 thru axle dropouts and now have them available in titanium and steel.  We also stock the compatible concentric and eccentric inserts (one of the benefits of the Syntace system is the ability to adjust camber and “alignment” of the rear wheel using eccentric inserts inside the dropouts), the Shimano Direct Mount derailleur hanger, hanger bolt, and axles for both Syntace and DT Swiss.  More information can be found in Bike Rumor’s post from February, 2015 wo kann ich lieder downloaden.

We recently introduced the T47 bottom bracket, a joint effort between several American bicycle and component manufacturers:  White Industries, Chris King Precision Components, Argonaut Cycles, Engin Cycles and Paragon Machine Works game vollversionen kostenlos downloaden. T signifies THREADED, and 47 is the MAJOR DIAMETER of the thread.  Like the venerable English threaded bottom bracket, a standard for decades, the T47 has right and left hand threads and can be supplied in a variety of widths.  However, this new bottom bracket features a finer thread pitch of 1 mm and a larger diameter of 47 mm.  The larger diameter allows for larger diameter bearings in both internal and external applications, a requirement for 24 mm and 30 mm crank spindles.  Frame building materials have evolved from steel to aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium, and frame tubing diameter has increased.  A corresponding larger bottom bracket shell makes it far easier to join these large diameter tubes downloaden youtube mac.

Paragon Machine Works is the first bicycle component manufacturer to make dropouts that are compatible with the new 100 x 12 mm skewer standard for road and cyclocross applications.  Two advantages of the 12 mm dropout and skewer are more secure wheel mounting for use with disc brakes, and a stiffer, stronger hub and fork assembly.  We offer 18 mm and 24 mm flanged dropout options available in 1018 steel, and a flat version in 4130 steel.  We have two 100 x 12 mm compatible skewers.  Our newest titanium and steel flanged front dropouts are compatible with PMW 15 mm skewers and have an integral M15 x 1.5 thread, negating the need for a nut and spacer and creating a sleeker profile wget whole directory download.

We are excited to have embraced the newest disc brake standard, a road-specific flat mounting system developed by Shimano.  Our newest PolyDrop inserts work with flat mount disc brakes for a 140 mm rotor; they are available for 10 mm  and 12 mm skewers, with and without eyelets.  Also available are steel 58 and 70 degree flat mount dropout assemblies.  They consist of three pieces:  right and left 4130 steel frame components and a matching 1018 steel brake mount.  We will be expanding our line of products in the future to include titanium and stainless steel flat mount dropout assemblies and stand-alone flat mounts for all of our round dropouts seite wo man pc spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversionen.

We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento!